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Warrock Game and Hacking

Posted on March 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

We first saw the Warrock game available for download around 6 years ago in 2004 it was created by a company known as Dream Execution who are based in South Korea. Players are required to register to actually play the game which can be enjoyed completely free of charge. Like most well known free online multiplayer games you may just find players trying to gain an unfair advantage over players and use Warrock Hacking to do so.

Keen online FPS Shooter fans will notice that this online multiplayer game is quite different to many other games considered to be in the same category FPS. The warrock game allows for 3 modes of play, you could consider it as having three games added into one as the game play and strategies for winning is vastly different from one game mode to the next.

Warrock Game Play Modes

Close Quarters Combat

In this game mode players get the option of a bomb disposal or bomb detonation mission, two teams will go head to head to complete their teams goal of defence or detonation and is played like a team death match. Players that are shot and killed will respawn allowing them to continue in the same open game session supposed to being shot, not respawning and having to wait until that game session has ended.

Also the Warrock Game Close Quarters Combat mode allows players the option of an all against all death match, it is the one player at the end of the match with the highest score “kill count” that wins that particular round.

Warrock Game Urban Ops

The first significant difference players will notice in this game mode will be the size of the maps as unlike the first mode players will find most of the game play taking place in the open supposed to inside buildings. As most of the Urban ops maps are mainly based outside players will notice some vehicles with weapons, motorbikes the odd tank and army transport vehicles, which completely change how you will play the game as well as adding some more excitement.

Warrock Game Battle Group

In the battle group mode players will find some extremely large maps this is to allow for the flying of jet fighters, bombers and helicopters. As it is in the Urban Ops mode players will be engaged in a team deathmatch with the objective of holding team flags and defending them at strategic points on the chosen map.

One thing people may notice is a small minority of players cheating which is known as warrock hacking, this is not a major problem as the game incorporates a player kick voting system that takes care of this very nicely. Somebody will initiate the vote to kick a player and if other players have taken note of the gamer up for being voted out as a hacker they will also vote them out. If you was to join a clan or create one I guess you would have maximum control over the warrock hacking that goes on in your games.

Warrock Hacking Why You Should Think Twice

I think one of the main reasons a player may turn to warrock hacking is after their own in game experience, perhaps after being the target of and seeing the cheating players extremely high score. This can become quite frustrating for many players and if they are of the cant beat them join them mind set will quite likely find themselves warrock hacking also.

This is not a good practise and can completely ruin a game, for one running a hack is running a script in a game that should not be there. Many players will complain of a laggy game in my experience any game I have been in and played that has experienced lagg is also experiencing cheaters and warrock hacking.

Think about this – when you download a hack to use you are downloading a script which will change the way a program runs and operates. How do you know that when you are running that script your home computer is not being hacked at the same time?

Maybe the programmer is having a good laugh at you will he views you through your web cam or listens through your microphone not to mention looking through your photos.

It’s just a thought for you, who knows what else is in that script do you?

There are a number of ways to combat warrock hacking for a start please decide to join us in keeping this game as great as it is by not using one. You will find some great players and gaming friends by joining or creating a clan, some great action and many hours of addictive warrock game play as you compete and move up the ranks.