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Is It Safe to Play Online Strategy Games?

Posted on May 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Most of us have computers or we have smartphones and tablets that act like computers. Most of us like to play some type of PC game and yet we have to wonder if it is safe to play online strategy games on our devices? You hear so many horror stories about identity theft and things of that nature happening because people got their information hacked while they were online that you are scared to try these downloads.

The truth is that you are perfectly safe playing the majority of the online strategy games. There are some precautions you can take to make certain that you are safe though. The number one precaution that you must take is to get antivirus software that you trust and have it active on your device before you begin to surf the internet.

Online strategy games can either be offered as a download or as something you play without a download. Try and find the versions that do not make you have to download anything to your hard drive if you want to be certain you are not picking up a virus. If you cannot find one of these versions your antivirus can protect you from a malicious virus most of the time.

Never agree to give your personal financial information before you play a game. If the game needs your personal financial information you are buying this game and not just playing it. Make certain that you do want to buy the game and that you are making the purchase from a safe source. There will be a tiny little lock pictured on the bottom right hand corner of the payment information showing that the site is secure. Do not use a payment site that does not have a secure server.

When you want to be perfectly safe during an online payment transaction try to find websites that allow you to pay using PayPal. PayPal is one of those payment sites that take your information and they pay the people you owe and your personal information will not get posted in several different places on the internet. Your information will be secure and you will get to buy the games and things you find online.

Another idea for people who want to play these games, but worry that they are not safe is for you to play the mini versions of the games that are posted on the websites of others. Many businesses have games posted on their webpages that you can play without downloading them. You can also find games of this nature on the social networking sites. The social networking sites will provide you with the opportunity to play the games with your friends and to not have to allow the game to be permanently placed on your hard drive. This will eliminate a large portion of the risk you take when you engage in these online activities. Have fun gaming and play it safe.

Runescape – History and Development of the Game

Posted on April 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

Runescape is an extremely popular Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), that was created by Andrew Gower, and is currently owned and operated by Jagex, Ltd. The game offers to methods of play: free and paid. Runescape currently has over 9 millions active Free players, and more then 800,000 subscribed paying members. The game is written in JavaScript and can be played through an ordinary web browser such as Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

Runescape takes players to the medieval fantasy realm of Gielinor. This world is further split into several kingdoms: Misthalin, Asgarnia, Kandarin, the volcanic tropics of Karamja, dry desert of Kharidian Desert, and of course the Wilderness. The wilderness is the only area of the world that players may currently battle or “player-kill” each other. Currently the only mode of transportation is to walk or run. Users at higher levels can make us of Magic Teleportation to a few select towns or realms. All of the above mentioned regions each offer different enemies and monsters for the players to battle.

During a players adventures in Runescape they will encounter many quests, and are able to set their own goals and achievements. There is no “one” right way to play the game. Players are also encouraged to communicate with other players by means, of chatting, trading with each other, or simply cooperating with each other to help finish the quests.

As a Cambridge University undergraduate, Andrew Gower worked on writing the game with the help of his brother, Paul Gower. Through several trials and tribulations, Runescape was eventually released to the public in a beta version, on Jan. 4, 2001. The game was originally operated from there house in Nottingham. Eventually the brother duo tagged the company name Jagex. About a year after the beta was released the brothers decided to open up the membership services for Runescape. This would allow players to pay a small monthly fee to access new in game skills, items, and a variety of other features not available to free members.

With the continued growth of Runescape game the challenges to also update the game’s technological aspects as well. Being written in JavaScript the game was easily suspectable to “hacks.” This forced Jagex developers to completely rewrite the gaming engine. This rewrite also added a more three dimensional look and feel to the game as well. This version of the game became known as Runescape 2, but has since then completely taken over the original Runescape Classic version. Runescape 2 was initially released to all paying members around earlier December of 2003, and was release to free members on March 29, 2004. As of Jan. 12, 2006 Runescape Classic is only available for play if you are a subscribed member. There are currently Runescape servers located in 7 different countries! With over 130 servers total, and new servers are constantly being added due the overwhelming popularity of the game. Currently each Runescape server can hold 2,000 players, this enables the servers to hold around 260,000 simultaneous players at any given time. The servers are split into Free worlds and Member worlds.

Tips on Playing Exceptional Car Games Online

Posted on April 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

The internet continues to advance both in size and complexity. New and more advanced online investors are coming up to offer the best services to the surfers. This has as a result led to the introduction of great games that one play chooses and plays at a small fee or for free. However, as much as this is an advantage, it poses a quagmire especially to the new users. There are way too many car games that one can choose from. The quagmire can be alleviated by choosing a reliable site to play on.

To start with, one ought to consider the variety of games available from the target sites. One can not always be attached to one kind of thing. In one time or another, you will automatically have to get detached and choose something else today. To help avoid the maze of searching for a better site to move to, it is imperative that one chooses one with the widest selection of cars you are interested in. This will ensure that you get to play a certain car model whenever the urge comes up.

Security matters a lot when it comes to online play. Hackers are everywhere and the chances of ones computer getting infected by viruses or hacking tools are quite high. To help avoid this problem, choose the site that offers the best services in online car games. This can be countered by looking at the reputation that they have in this service and what other people say about them.

The quality of the games should be the last thing that one should look at. Know whether the graphics and sound effects are good enough. The platform should also be favorable.